We've taken the pain out of CRM systems

You're a lean, mean, selling machine... Data entry is a distraction - we'll take that distraction away and allow you to focus on what you do best - closing deals!

  • Voice to CRM™

    Voice to CRM™

    Don't break out the laptop - call in your latest sales visit. Our CRM pros will translate your message into your company's Customer Relationship Management system quickly and accurately, guaranteed!

  • Text to CRM™

    Text to CRM™

    Can't talk? No problem - just text us the information you'd like to save in your CRM system. Our CRM pros will take the information from your text and enter it into your CRM system for you. We'll even text back if we need more information!

  • Calendar Reminders

    Calendar Reminders

    Need a calendar reminder about that important meeting or to remind you to follow-up with a client?

    No problem, just call or text us the details and we'll send you a calendar invitation!


How does Relationally work?

After you’ve signed up, you’ll be provided with a phone number that you can call or text. From there, it’s as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Once you’ve made a sales call you’d like logged in your CRM, just contact our team via phone or text and leave us a message with details about your visit.

  2. We proofread the information you’ve provided about your sales call and file it in the most appropriate manner within your CRM.

  3. Continue with your day, without ever breaking out your laptop or struggling to log a sales call on your phone!


    Much of the system is automated, but each and every call logged is reviewed by our team – which is comprised of experts in your particular CRM system – so you can be sure your information is filed properly!

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  • Call or text from two different phone lines
  • 100% accuracy guarantee


Packages for teams of 25+


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