The quickest way to enter data into Zoho

The bane of every outside sales or marketing rep: your company’s CRM system. We’ll examine a few strategies to ease the pain.

There are few effective methods for outside salespeople to enter data into Zoho:

  1. Batching:

    What is batching?  Basically, it’s the practice of doing like things at a given time.  Think of a batch of freshly baked cookies – you don’t go throughout your day making one cookie individually every time you want one – you make a whole batch and your office can enjoy them at their leisure.  The same applies to your Zoho strategy.  Save up your sales calls to the end of the day or the end of the work week, and complete them all at once.  But be careful – some employers discourage batching, particularly weekly or greater, as they’re using the data from the field to make real-time decisions.

  2. Pay-as-you-go:

    This is the classic model.  Make a client visit – log it in the CRM system. Problem is, it takes time to pop out the laptop or your phone and make the entry, particularly if it’s complicated.  This may or may not be practical, depending on how easy it is for you to access the system and how complex your company’s Zoho implementation is.

  3. Hire a VA or a service:

    You can hire a Virtual Assistant or a service to take care of the data entry for you.  Be careful with virtual assistants, as quality can vary widely – you need someone who is reliable and timely if you’re going this route. And lastly, we couldn’t go without plugging ourselves – we’re a full service CRM Concierge with a team of Zoho ninjas behind us.  Just make a quick call to our voicemail line or shoot us a text and we’ll get the information entered into Zoho for you.

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